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We commercialize walnuts in the international and national market, assuring a raw material coming mostly from its producing partners and from third parties selected for their certified quality; guaranteeing uniformity, innocuousness, care for the environment and product excellence in the contracted volumes, highlighting the reliability, transparency and seriousness of the commercial transactions that are made.

Growex was formed in 2011 with the purpose of directly marketing products from its partners who have extensive experience and long extensions of walnut producing fields, mostly ‘Chandler’ with more than 450 hectares only in this variety. In the year 2012 was the first year as exporting partners reaching 300 tons of exported production. It is our projection to fulfill the year 2018 with an export level of 3,000 tons of our own production.

Our production is concentrated in the central zone of Chile, mainly in Colina, Pirque, Isla de Maipo and Rapel, for its privileged climate for the production of walnuts, favoring its quality, good color and effectiveness on production. Our Vision is to be one of the best walnuts exporters companies, recognized worldwide, for their product quality and reliability in their commitments.

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